“Members Wanted at “That Free Thing” Join As A free Member – Join As A Paid Member”

At That Free Thing you can join as  a “free loader” or join as a paid member.

The difference is that free members get the.

The  business paid members get free products to trial and also they have a setup business promotion that they can work from home as an agent of That free thing.

So paid members earn income.  So who wants to setup a part-time or full time work from business.  Paid members are the business builders of That Free Thing.

Presently That Free Thing is running very well in United States of America, United Kingdom, Norway, Canada and South Africa in that order.  We just want a thousand paid member agents in Ireland to get it set up properly.  So there are great opportunities for many people as agents for That Free Thing.  Currently in Ireland there are about forty people.

We are just in the early days.  Fees and commissions are paid at US dollar rates but it you will get €uro in your pocket.

For business builder agents the business setup fee is $25 once off and $9.95 pm.  The amount of $9.95 is approximately €7 per month.  Business builder members earn 40% of all payments they bring in from their own member list.  So it is a very inexpensive business to set up.

Then you just tell everybody that you meet about it.  When you tell people and they join, those members are in your team.  Then you can work as easy or as hard as you want.  Obviously the harder you work on it the better for you.  You can also attract members internationally over the internet to join under you to be part of your team.  You do not even necessarily needto talk with your team.  They can work away on their own and if they enlist any paid members you can earn more.

It’s a great opportunity. But get in early so as to enlist more members below you and earn more.  If you not like the work you can leave anytime.  It’s the start of a new career for numerous Irish residents.

To your future, Colm

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“Wanted – One Thousand That’s 1,000 Members To Join The New Product Promotional Company “That Free Thing” To Receive Free Things To Trial”

Ok, so as to  get up and running properly with the latest product promotional company That Free Thing members should sign up here.

That Free Thing” we need a thousand people minimum.  When we have a thousand That Free Thing active members, then the project will get up and running for real.

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“So Who Else Wants To Learn About How To Become A Member Of That Free Thing – Ya That’s Your Free Thing”

That Free Thing is coming to Ireland.  So we need one thousand new members to make it work good for ourselves.  You can  join That free Thing and  be happy with only getting free things on into the future.

That’s the point of That Free Thing, that anybody that takes the time to join up can be presented with free things which is now the up and coming method that companieswill be using in Ireland to promote their goods  to us residents of Ireland.

If you join That Free Thing and actually have an iPhone well you might simply be walking down some street in any town in Ireland and you get a text message that you are within minutes of a free offer.  That happens because of an App on your iPhone knows that you are within a certain distance of the free product at the right time.

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“Easily Create Numerous Impressive Promotional Videos”

Quickly and easily create and upload numerous  or unlimited easy video promotions to your YouTube account configured with your own money making affiliate links and or links back to your own websites.

You know if you have an internet connection and can click a mouse you have what it takes  to run an online business.

Stay tuned.


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